11 October 2012

So, look it, I had to make a new blog because I couldn't figure out how to ready-post through my smart phone with my old blogger account. I have a one-hour limit on investments in learning new technology, and I just couldn't get it done in that time frame.

So go find my new blog at www.besosatodos.blogspot.com.ar

It should have much more frequent posts and pics of the kids now that I have decided to join the 22nd century! Let's all give it a whirl.

18 March 2012

25 January 2012

Catena at Bodega Catena Zapata in Mendoza

Catena's First Vacation

For Catena's first vacation, she went to Mendoza with Grandma, Mommy, Daddy, and Brother Merritt. Catena was one month old.
We saw the Puente del Inca.

These filled water bottles were left for travelers at a roadside shrine to Difunta Correa, a woman who followed her conscripted husband, providing much-needed food and drink to him. She is said to have been found by the roadside, dead of thirst, survived by her infant suckling at her breast.

Tadpoles in a mountain pond at Aconcagua Park.

Merritt and his mom look at the tadpoles of a kind of mountain toad indigenous to the area.

Merritt and his dad, with Aconcagua in the background.

Merritt looks at Catena wines at the Catena Zapata Bodega.

Catena naps in front of the Catena wines.

A wine tasting.

Merritt has crackers at the wine tasting. We loved the Chardonnay!

On a tour of Catena Zapata Bodega.

Granda, Merritt, Mama and Catena in front of Catena Zapata.